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The top 10 red lipsticks of all time

Every one loves to wear lipstick. You can’t get much more classic than red lipstick., it’s one of the most traditional of all makeup products.
Nudes are subtle. Pink is a professional. Oranges, purples, and creams—all nice. But There’s no denying that Red lipstick has a power move. If there’s one thing the beauty world can agree on, it’s that the perfect red lip is always on fire.

Should I wear red lipstick?

So, yes, we love red lipstick, but picking the right shade isn’t.

That’s because all red lipsticks aren’t the same. Sometime not even close. Actually, there are a rare few makeup brands and its lipsticks is genuinely good with red color (MAC’s Ruby Woo, Fenty Beauty’s Uncensored, Dior’s 999). But the rest of the red lipstick market is vast and finicky.
Read on for a list of the best red lipsticks ever created, according to creative fashion care.

Compare your top red lipsticks

Some top red lipsticks that you love

Best red lipsticks in all sides: Fenty Beauty Lipsticks

  • Fenty Beauty’s Stunna Lip Paint is universally flattering for all skin tones.
  •  Loves this product for true blue-red color;
  • It’s a long-wearing formula that feels smooth and silky
  • Lasts for 12 hours,

Top orange red lipsticks: NARS Lipsticks

  • If you have a fair skin tone with blue undertones than the perfect match in Nars’ lipstick.
  • The shade is incredibly flattering, brightens up your entire face.
  • AIt allows for an almost entirely undetectable fade.
  • Lasts for 8+ hours.

MAC Retro Matte Red Lipstick in Ruby Woo

  • Ruby Woo lipstick is neither too warm, nor too cool;
  • Just the perfect shade of red.
  • The undertone of this shade has the power to bring out the best of many complexions. The color is a classic red, so gorgeous and opaque on lips.

MAC Matte Lipstick RUSSIAN RED

  • Cool-toned,
  • Medium-dark red with subtle blue undertones and a satin finish.
  • It had rich color payoff that adhered evenly and smoothly on lips.
  • A lightly creamy consistency that helped it glide across lips without tugging.
  • This shade stayed on nicely for about eight hours,
  • Left a soft, reddish stain behind, and
  • Neither dry nor hydrate

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