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How much eyelash extensions! Use Natural eyelashes

How much eyelash extension! eyelash extension vs fake natural lashes.
Eyelash extension vs fake natural lashes

There are so many beauty trends these days to fluff up your style. Because every one wants to save a lot of time! If you’re considering getting eyelash extensions, read on for How much eyelash extensions! Are they right for you? Whether if you use false natural looking eyelashes. Which is better for you? Let’s go for eyelash extension vs fake natural lashes.

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Eyelash extensions or fake natural lashes, what are this applications? 

How long do eyelash extensions last?

Eyelash extensions are the hard process that must be applied by a professional at an eyelash extension salon. It should be ideally applied one by one onto each existing eyelash. The entire application process should last between 1 to 2 hours, depending on how many lashes you require. Again it last for 2 to 3 week, that’s means you need to go to the salon every two to three weeks for a refill.

Besides, you can apply false lashes by yourself by applying the glue and positioning it with your natural lash. It takes a little of practice but should be fine once you try it a few times. But every day you need to give this time to beatify your eyes.

Which is more costly? Eyelash extensions or fake natural lashes.

 Is it more costly than fake natural lashes? How much eyelash extensions?

False lashed are available almost everywhere, you can them at even online. They cost between $5 to $30 depending on the brand and quantity and must be changed daily because you can’t sleep with fake lashes as it can cause eye infections.

Lash cost about $100 to $200 for a one-to-one lash extension for the first time and as low as $40 to $80 for your monthly retouch

However, if you are thinking of getting long lashes for the long term, lash extensions can be a more value-for-money option than false lashes, as you won’t need to buy a fresh pair of falsies for everyday wear. False lashes can be more costly in the long run.

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What damage can eyelash extensions do? which one is more safe?

Damage that can occur for eyelash extensions or fake lashes, Do you know How much eyelash extensions?
Damage that can occur for eyelash extensions or fake lashes

Most eye cosmetics are safe if it is used properly. However, false lashes create a serious health risk. In particular, unclean and low-quality false lashes typically cause infection. While false eyelash glues may also cause eye irritation and, in rare cases, blindness.

Likewise, lash extensions are not much better either. Unlicensed lash artists become the reason for a serious health risk. If the tools aren’t clean, you can get eye infections. Other related health risks include allergic reactions and losing natural eyelashes.

Which one needs more maintenance? lash extension or fake lashes

False lashes are easily removable, and as long as you do not rub your eyes while wearing it. But lash extensions require you to stay away from oil cleansers or cotton pads. These can damage the lash extensions. You would also need to purchase lash-friendly mascara if you still prefer on mascara.

Remember that you can’t get your extensions wet for the first two days, so you have to be super careful while washing your face for the first two days after getting your lash extensions done.

lash extension is more natural than false lashes

lash extension is more natural than false lashes, Do you know How much eyelash extensions?

On average, we find that lash extensions are lighter than false lashes. False lashes are more often made from inferior quality artificial fibers that are heavier. Lash extensions are more natural in appearance and weight. Hence, you may not even feel you are wearing them.

Creative fashion care brings up that the major risks associated with eyelash extensions are:

  • swelling
  • skin irritation of the eyelid
  • infection of the eyelid or cornea
  • temporary or permanent loss of eyelashes
  • burning in the eye and on the eyelid
  • severe swelling
  • red or bloodshot eyes
  • itching, pain, rash

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